National Academy of Science and Technology, Philippines

The country's premier recognition and advisory body on Science and Technology

39th Annual Scientific Meeting Scientific Posters Session
12-13 July 2017, Manila, Philippines

A poster should be attractive, well-organized, self-explanatory, and should present only the main ideas.  Do not overwhelm your audience with unnecessary data or explanations.  The discussion should give the interpretation and significance of the results. Try to give the viewer one or two important conclusions to take away from the session. The following specific points may help in the preparation of the posters:

1.SIZE. The whole poster should be clearly printed in a 30” (W) x 40” (H) (76cm x 103 cm) tarpaulin (with eyelet on the 4 corners). The size of the margin on all sides is included in the size of the whole poster.

2.TITLE AND AUTHOR.  Use letters equivalent to 72 points (about 2cm) for the main title and 40 points (less than 1cm) for subtitle and author/s.  The title and author/s should be the same as in the submitted abstract.

3.TEXT LETTERING. Use type letters that are at least 20 points (about 6mm high). In typesetting the text, choose a simple typeface.  Use upper and lower case standard letters. Text should be readable from two meters away.

4.CONTENT.  Give a brief introduction stating the background and purpose of the study. Include key experiments only. End with a brief conclusion. Minimize words while maximizing visuals.  

5.TEXT COLORS.  Good two-color combinations are black on white, black on yellow, black on pink, dark red on white, dark blue on white and dark blue on yellow.  Dark type on light, with plain background is easiest to read.

6.ILLUSTRATIONS.  Photographs and graphs should be 5” x 7” (12.5cm x 18cm) and not cluttered with unnecessary detail.  Diagrams and graphs should have no more than 6 lines in contrasting colors.  Graphs are preferable to tables.

7.ORGANIZATION.  The design should flow sequentially from one part to the next.  Numbers or arrows may be used to help the eye move from item to item in the correct order, left to right, top to bottom.  Do not clutter with either text or artwork.

8.SUBMISSION OF e-COPY OF SCIENTIFIC POSTERS.  The digital copy of the scientific poster must be submitted through e-mail address on or before 12 June 2017.

9.SUBMISSION OF TRADITIONAL SCIENTIFIC POSTERS. The traditional poster must be received at the NAST PHL office on or before 16 June 2017. For those who are going to submit through by courier service, kindly make sure that the package reaches the NAST PHL office by the scheduled deadline.

You may call or email the NAST PHL Secretariat (Rowena V. Briones) for any clarification at tel. nos. 8373170; 8372071 loc 2170; or email: