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In celebration of NS Ricardo M. Lantican's 87th birthday, the NAST PHL is launching the e-copies of his two (2) books, entitled: "Science Nuggets 1 From Aristotle to Stem Cells” and “Science Nuggets 2 From the Universe to Energy, Food, and Agriculture”

The Science Nuggets Volume 1 treats the readers to numerous stories about famous scientists, not to tell us how great they are, but how human they are. It takes the readers on a journey through the history of science, from Aristotle’s theory that Earth is the center of the universe to the advances in stem cell research.

Science Nuggets Volume 2 focuses on the critical issues of our time: from the universe to energy, food, and agriculture. Science is a dynamic forum of theories and ideas, and readers will encounter differences in opinion among scientists. The scientific process should guide us in our decision on which theory or idea is best. This process is crucial as we navigate to find sustainable solutions to our problems.

The e-copies of the books are now available for download at the NAST PHL website. You may also click the link: