The National Academy of Science and Technology, with its National Scientists, Academicians, Corresponding members and Secretariat, and recognized experts, is one with the State in the recognition of the importance of women in nation-building. Through its vision of an inclusive national development, the NAST promotes women empowerment and continues to pursue equal opportunities for women, men, and all genders in all its activities and policy recommendations, propelled by science, technology, and innovation.
NAST Policy Issuances
  1. SO 08, s. 2022 Implementation of the GAD Policy
  2. SO 10, s. 2022 Reconstitution of the NAST GFPS
  3. SO 38, s. 2021 Designation of the NAST Committee on Decorum and Investigation
NAST GAD Activities Highlights:

PCW VAWC Hotlines
If you, or someone you know is experiencing abuse, please do not hesitate to speak up and contact the authorities. Let us end the cycle and stop the abuse.
National Emergency Hotline: 911
Aleng Pulis Hotline: 0919 777 7377
PNP Women and Children Protection Center
24/7 AVAWCD Office: (02) 8532-6690
Email address: / /
Public Attorney’s Office (PAO)
Hotline: (02) 8929-9436 local 106, 107, or 159 (local “0” for operator)
Email address:
Inter-Agency Council on Violence Against Women and their Children
Mobile numbers: 09178671907 | 09454558121
Email address: