The Academy continuously explores and maintains linkages with foreign academies of science, technology, and engineering as well as with international and regional networks and local science organizations to promote close scientific cooperation.
Since 1978, the Academy has forged international and national scientific linkages with other science, engineering, and technology academies and similar organizations. These linkages aim to:

(1) promote collaborative efforts among Filipino scientists, and between Filipino and foreign scientists;
(2) promote and encourage scientific cooperation through its Scientist Exchange VisitProgram under the memorandum of agreement between NAST and a foreign science academy;
(3) endorse participation in international conferences, meetings, fora, seminars, workshops, andsimilar scientific activities; and
(4) publish and exchange scientific literature.
Through these scientific linkages interested scientists may seek grants for scientific andtechnological undertakings, including fellowships, research grants, study visits, and grants for other collaborative projects from the academies associated with the National Academy of Science and Technology.
Science Academies and Societies with Bilateral Agreement at present, the Academy maintains twenty-five (25) linkages, both local and international.
Affiliations to International Scientific Association:
Other Linkages: