Recognizing its significant mandate as an adviser to the President and the Cabinet on matters related to science and technology, the National Academy of Science and Technology, Philippines (NAST PHL) has chosen to focus on and provide scientific and evidence-based advice on the COVID-19 pandemic and promote pandemic preparedness. In 2021, the Regional Scientific Meetings (RSMs) held in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, culminating with the 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM), were virtually organized with the theme, “COVID-19 Pandemic: Learning from the Past, Coping with the Present, Moving to the Next”.


The PAGHAHANDA PILIPINAS: Strategic Initiatives for Pandemic Preparedness and Response” synthesizes the transdisciplinary discussions during the 2021 RSMs and 43rd ASM of NAST PHL. The publication and the 43rd ASM Resolutions were developed from the invaluable insights and recommendations of the invited resource persons, government leaders, and scientists. The two documents are envisioned as complementary references in promoting pandemic preparedness, addressing different sectoral and multidisciplinary issues brought by the pandemic, and influencing legislators, decision-makers, and planners at all levels of government and concerned sectors of society.

Six (6) sectoral concerns with transdisciplinary implications are covered in the publication. These include (1) food, environment, and health, (2) viral evolution and modeling interventions, (3) digital ecosystems and standards to address pandemics and other hazards, (4) education and human resource development, (5) balancing the economy and health, and (6) health systems response and preparedness.


Suggested Citation:

National Academy of Science and Technology, Philippines. 2022. PAGHAHANDA PILIPINAS: Strategic Initiatives for Pandemic Preparedness and Response. Taguig City, Philippines: NAST Philippines.