The NAST Environmental Science Award is intended to recognize outstanding scientific and technological research work that contributes to environmental protection and conservation.
With the rapid pace of environmental degradation and the possible eventual depletion of our natural resources, it is vital that the remaining resources be used wisely and that pollution and contaminations be prevented for the benefit of today’s and future generations.
The grand prize winner will receive cash prize and plaque of recognition from the Academy. Winners of special citations will receive plaques of recognition.
Candidates nominated must be:
(a) Filipino citizen;
(b) Affiliated with any of the following:
- scientific society (academic or professional);
- research institution or firm (government or private);
- college or university;
- environmental organization
- any other relevant non-governmental organization;
(c) Able to present a scientific paper (published or unpublished) during a science congress scheduled before or during the Earth Day celebration. The involvement of the nominee in the research should be explained if the paper is jointly authored;
(d) Community work in one’s field and involvement in advocacy and information dissemination; and
(e) Of good moral character.
Nominations to this award may be made by the heads of government or private research institutions, departments, institutes of colleges or universities, academic or professional scientific organizations, societies, non-government organizations, or environmental organizations.
Decisions of the Board of Judges shall be final and not appealable.
The deadline for submission of nominations is every last working day of November.
Checklist of Requirements:
  • Accomplished nomination form
  • Abstract and full paper
  • College-level, higher degree and graduate level, undergraduate diplomas and transcripts of records
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • Three (3) most important research publications
  • Five (5) high resolution photographs with captions depicting the nominee’s present scientific work
Important: Incomplete documentary requirements and Nomination Form with unfilled fields will not be processed.
Note: Submission of nominations is online at Please submit also the electronic copy of the nomination in pdf format through email at