27th Annual Scientific Meeting: "Philippine Agriculture 2020: A Strategy for Poverty Alleviation, Food Security,
Global Competitiveness, Sustainability, Justice and Peace"1. Cover 2005 2
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Academician Perla D. Santos Ocampo
Philippine Agriculture 2020
Academician Emil Q. Javier, Ph.D
Forest-Based Industries
Florentino O. Tesoro
Linking the Production System to the Market
Academician Ceferino L. Follosco
People Characteristics of Philippine Agriculture
National Scientist Gelia T. Castillo
The Enabling Strategies
Jose M. Yorobe Jr.
Food and Nutrition Security
Rodolfo F. Florentino
Strategic Plans for Resource Development
Academician Angel C. Alcala
ICT the Enabler
Academician William T. Torres