23rd Annual Scientific Meeting: "Science in the 21st Century"Cover 2001 1
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Deconstructing the Phil for the Knowledge Era
Federico M. Macaranas
A Molecular Basis for the Onset of Turbulence
Amador C. Muriel
Engineering Antibodies for Human Therapy
Eduardo A. Pablan
Jose Encarnacion- A Memorial
Academician Raul V. Fabella & Emmnuel S. De Dios
A Science Career in Rice
Academician Benito S. Vergara
Learning How to Design Drugs from Fish-Hunting Cone Snails
Baldomero M. Olivera, Jr.
Simultaneous Divisional Session

Agricultural Science Division
Approaches in Developing Ringspot Virus Resistant Papaya
Violeta N. Villegas
The Development and Commercialization of YY-Male Tilapia Technology
Tereso A. Abela, Jose S. Abucay, Ruben C. Sevilleja and Graham C. Mair
Farmer-Scientists R&DE Training Program in a Corn-Base Production
Romulo G. Davide
Biological Sciences Division
Directions of Systematic Entomology in the Philippines
Academician Clare R. Baltazar
Helminth Zoonoses in the Phils, Public Health Prob Associated with Eating Habits
Academician Salcedo L. Eduardo
Spiders-Natural Biological Control Agents Against Insect Pests in Phils Rice Fields
Alberto T. Barrion
The Bacterial Wilt Organism- The Crop Nemesis with a New Twist
Asuncion K. Raymundo
Health Sciences Division
Progress in the Control of Tuberculosis-How Much Has Been Attained in the Philippines Today?
Thelma E. Tupasi-Ramos
The Human Genome Project-Health Prospects in the Post-Genomic Era
Bernadette L. Ramirez
On Atherosclerosis and Diseases of 'Degeneration'
Academician Conrado S. Dayrit
Philippine Surgery- The Past 25 Years and Into the New Millennium
Enrique T. Ona
Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences Division
Membrane Pores
Charles A. Pasternak
Chaos in the Activated Sludge Process
Ely Anthony R. Quano
Combinatorial Chemistry- Concepts, Strategies and Applications
Evelyn B. Rodrigeuz
Social Sciences Division
Social Science in a War Zone
John J. Carroll, S.J.
Gearing National S&T Capability for Global Competitiveness
Camar A. Umpa
Facing the Millennium-Substantive and Institutional Challenges to the Human Sciences
Ma. Cynthia Rose B. Bautista
Virtual Reality at Virtuous Reality- Mga Papel ng Agham
Leonardo D. de Castro
Abstracts of Technical Papers Presented as Posters
Agricultural Sciences
Biological Sciences
Health Sciences
Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
Social Sciences
Remarks and Keynote Address