15th Annual Scientific Meeting Cover 1993
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Welcome Address
Conrado S. Dayrit
Felipe Landa Jocano
Symposium Paper VII : Choices
Lourdes V. Lapuz.,M.D.
Scientific Papers
Mathematical, Physical and  Engineering Sciences
Biological Sciences

Biodecontamination of Mercury, Lead and Cadmium
Juanita C. Mamaril and Estela T. Paner
Social Sciencs
Agricultural Sciences
Growth Responses of Gmelina Arborea with VA Mycorrhiza Inoculation
Dominador G. Gonzal and Loretto U. de la Cruz
R.M. Leaño, D.B. Lapis and S. Savary
Health Sciences
Protein and DNA Analysis for identification of Hemoglobin Variants
R.P Laude,D.L Rucknagel,A.B. Juliano and R.N Tandang
Identification and Partial Characterization of Lectins from Vigna Species
Gilda C. Rivero, Remedios R. Roderos and Ernelea P. Cao
H. Matshushita,K.Tanabe and M.Koyano
Poster Papers