10th Annual Scientific MeetingCover  1988
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Plenary Papers
Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
Chemical Sciences
Evolution of Industrial Anaerobic Digesters at Maya Farms
Felix D. Maramba, Sr., Enrico Obias, Calixto Taganas and Pacifico Pangilinan
A Study on the Use of Charcoal as Fuel in Cupola Furnace
M.M. Navaro, E.A. Nabua Jr., P.S. Braganza Jr., C.A. Monsada, N.C. lontok and E.D. Fruto
Continuous Ethanol Stripping Process Coupled with a Rectification System
Chay B. Pham, Masatoshi Matsumura and Hiroshi Kataoka
Environmental Mutagenesis. Water Studies
Clara Y. Lim-Sylianco and Virginia F. Inefinada
Biological Sciences
Agricultural Sciences
Factors Affecting the Nutritional Quality and Acceptability of Mung Bean Vign A Radiata L. Wilzeck)
Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza, Charlene F. Barroga, Felicito M. Rodriguez Ma. Jamela R. Revilleza and Antonio C. Laurena
Nitrogen Fixation by Frankia in the Rice Roots
Ruben B. Aspiras, Aurelio M. Briones, Jr., and Reynelia L. Narciso
Health Sciences
u-Conotoxin Binding. An Assay for Muscle Subtype of Voltage-Sensitive Sodium Channels
Garth W. LeCheminant, Angelita G. Reyes and Lourdes J. Cruz