9th Annual Scientific MeetingCover 1987
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Plenary Papers
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Oxytetracycline Production in Coconut Water
Patrocinio Sevilla-Santos, A.M. Lozano, L. Santiago, F. Mendoza and D. Rosario
Biological Sciences
Production of Antiserum and Initial Hybridomas Against Papaya Ring Spot Virus
T.M. Espino, S.B. Exconde, N. Minamiura, M. Izuka and K. Ito
Social Sciences
Agricultural Sciences
Corn Pathology Research of Pioneer in the Philippines
S.C. Dalmacio, G. Lozano, F. Cordero and Y. Yadao
Critical Time for the Occurrence and Development of Tungro Infection in the Field
E.R. Tiongco, R.C. Cabungan, Z.M. Flores and H. Hibino
Health Sciences
Proposed Weight and Height Standards for 0-19 Year Old Filipino Children
Rodolfo F. Florentino, Emilie G. Flores, Josefina A. Magbitang, Ophelia M. Mendoza, Teresa S. Mendoza