The DOST International Publication Award is given annually to scientists and researchers of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) who were able to publish their research outputs in Web of Science/Clarivate Analytics or Scopus indexed journals in the last three (3) years before the year of the nomination..

A. Requirements:
1. The researcher should be an employee of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) or its attached agencies. Former employee/s of DOST should provide a certification that on the year of publication of the article he/she was on active service or the work was done before retirement or resignation from the DOST.
2. The article should indicate the author’s affiliation as “Department of Science and Technology, Philippines” or “DOST Philippines”; otherwise, the article would be ineligible for the award.
3. A printed copy of the screenshot of the page from Clarivate Analytics or Scopus indexed Journals for the year in which paper was published should be submitted.
4. Abstract and significant contributions to science and technology should be indicated in the nomination form.
5. The author from DOST should certify that the article was published in one journal only.
6. Papers published in predatory journals or journals that exhibit predatory characteristics are not eligible to receive the DOST IPA.
B. Incentive:
B.1 Use of Journal Impact Factor Quartile as basis of the cash prize with Q1 as the highest and Q4 as the lowest.
The Journal Impact Factor Quartile is the quotient of a journal’s rank in category (X) and the total number of journals in the category (Y), so that (X / Y) = Percentile Rank Z. Q1: 0.0 < Z ≤ 0.25; Q2: 0.25 < Z ≤ 0.5; Q3: 0.5 < Z ≤ 0.75; and Q4: Z > 0.75 (source:
B.2 Cash incentive per paper (refer to #B.4):
 Journal Quartile  Amount (maximum)
Q1  P 100,000
Q2  P 80,000
Q3  P 70,000
Q4 P 60,000
No Quartile P 40,000

B.3 Additional cash incentive for papers published in high impact factor journals (refer to #B.4):
Impact Factor   Amount (maximum) 
10.0 and above P 80,000 
8.0 to < 10.0 P 60,000 
6.0 to < 8.0 P 40,000
4.0 to < 6.0  P 20,000
B.4 For winning papers with multiple authors, the cash incentive and additional cash incentive will be divided equally by the number of authors (local and foreign) but only those who are DOST-affiliated will be given the cash award.
B.5 A maximum of two (2) entries of an author from the same conference proceedings will be given awards.
B.6 The top ten (10) entries with the highest impact factors (at least 3) will receive a Special Citation without cash incentive.
Checklist of Requirements:
1. Online accomplishment of the nomination form;
2. Certification of single publication;
3. Certificate of employment (COE) of all DOST affiliated authors (one COE per entry);
4. Screenshot of the page from Clarivate Analytics or Scopus Master List of Accredited Journals for the year in which the paper was published; and
5. Copy of the published article.

The deadline for submission of nominations is every last working day of March on the year of the award.
Note: Submission of nominations is online at Please submit also the electronic copy of the nomination in pdf format through email at
You may upload your nomination/registration at