Call for Papers for the Scientific Poster Session
National Academy of Science and Technology, Philippines (NAST PHL)
46th Annual Scientific Meeting
Theme: "Beyond Farm Productivity: Transforming the Philippine food system to address equity, consumer health, and environmental issues"
Venue: TBA | Date: 10-11 July 2024

The papers must be:
  1. original or have not been presented in any other forum, event, or competition;
  2. based at least on undergraduate thesis research, not on high school science projects or class laboratory experiments; and
  3. not based on preliminary data.
  • An author can be a “major author” in at most one (1) submitted paper.
  • An author can be a “co-author” in at most three (3) submitted papers.
Steps in submitting an abstract entry
  1. Prepare the abstract/s and Certification of Originality (COO). Authors can download the COO at
  2. Authors are requested to submit and upload the details of their paper at this link:
  3. Follow the format of the file names and file type below:
  • Abstract
    • Abstract_Title (e.g., Abstract_Cadmium Transport and Tolerance in Rice)
    • File type: .docx
  • Certificate of Originality
    • COO_Title (e.g., COO_Cadmium Transport and Tolerance in Rice)
    • File type: .pdf
4. The deadline for submission is on 15 January 2024. Abstracts submitted in any other manner shall not be accepted.
Abstracts to be uploaded should follow the specified format below:
  • Paper size: Letter size 8.5”x11”
  • Maximum of 500 words (inclusive of Title, Authors, and Affiliations)
  • Margin: Top and Bottom = 1 in; Right and Left = 1 in
  • Font type: Times New Roman
  • Title - centered, bold, font size: 12, the first letter of the words in the title is capitalized except for prepositions and other exceptions (scientific names, scientific terms, etc.).
  • Author(s) - centered, font size: 11; authors should use first name and surname; presenting author should be underlined; major/main author should be in boldface.
  • Affiliation - centered, italicized, Font size: 10; if authors are from different institutions, use number superscripts to indicate the author’s respective affiliations; include the affiliation’s address and telephone number, and presenting author’s email address to enable interested parties to contact the author(s).
    • Also, indicate the respective number superscripts in the authors' name if there are multiple affiliations.
  • Abstract body - justified, font size: 11
  • Keywords - justified in lower case font-size: 11
  • File type: .docx
Guidelines for preparing abstracts
  1. The “Abstract” should fit in one (1) 8x11 page, using the format specified above.
  2. The “Introduction” part should contain the scope and purpose of the work in 2-3 short sentences only.
  3. The “Experimental Approach” should be described briefly.
  4. Only “Highlights of Results” should be presented, which should be quantitative if possible, or as the nature of the paper permits.
  5. Uncommon acronyms should be spelled out the first time they are used; if several acronyms are used, they should be listed with their meanings at the end of the abstract.
  6. Only major “Conclusions” should be stated. No more than five keywords should be mentioned.