(Gregorio Y. Zara Medal)

The award is given in recognition of the efforts of technology generators and developers whose technologies have been commercialized.  Only one award will be given every year.
Entries may come from any of the following:
  • Agriculture (including Aquaculture and Forestry)
  • Industry and Engineering (Energy, Environment, Earth Science, Textile, Process, Mining and Minerals, Materials Science, Transportation, Wood and Wood Products, Construction)
  • Health and Nutrition and Related Pharmaceuticals and Social Sciences
  • Information Communications Technology (ICT), Multi-media, Electronics, Software, etc.
The Outstanding Technology Commercialization awardee will be chosen by the Board of Judges.  The Board of Judges will formulate their own guidelines of judging based on the suggested criteria:
  • Contribution to technological development
a. originality/novelty/usefulness, innovation/adaptation (Patentability)
b. potential for local value-added
  • Commercialization Scale (Profitability and Productivity)
  • Use of environment-friendly materials/technology
  • Direct benefits to the public
  • Presentation of Papers
a. The contest is open to all Filipino researchers and inventors
b. Technology must have been commercialized within ten (10) years preceding the award
c. Each entry must have a write-up containing the following information:
  • Title of Technology
  • Description of Technology
  • Profile of the production/services, marketing and financial operations (including list of technology adopters and their addresses)
  • Impact of the technology on productivity and profitability to technologies
d. Nominations may be made by heads of government or private research institutions, departments of colleges or universities, or academic/professional organizations or societies.
e. The Board of Judges may, if found necessary, visit the plant/s commercializing the technology
f. Decisions of the Board of Judges shall be final and unappealable.
g. The Board of Judges has the right not to declare any winner.

Winner will receive a cash prize of PhP200,000.00 and a medal.
The deadline for submission of nominations is every last working day of March.
You may access our online nomination/registration at