13th Annual Scientific MeetingCover
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Welcome Address
Dioscoro L. Umali
Opening Remarks
Ceferino L. Follosco
Keynote Address
Fulgencio L. Factoran Jr
Plenary Sessions
The Conservation and Management of our Freshwater Ecosystems
Carlito R. Barril, Macrina T. Zafaralla and Jose R. Velasco
Conservation and Management of Urban Ecosystem
Gelia T. Castillo, Orlando S. Mercado and Antonio Abaya
Plenary Papers I
Plenary Paper II
Plenary Paper III
Plenary Paper IV
Technical Papers
Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
Biological Sciences
Histopathological Effects of Manganese Intoxication
Annabelle A. Herrera & Elena S. Catap
Agricultural Sciences
Health Sciences
Alkaloid Studies on Selected Philippine Plants
Alicia M. Aguinaldo, E.I. Espeso, C.P. Garcia, et al.