12th Annual Scientific Meeting Cover
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Welcome Address
Dioscoro L. Umali
Keynote Address
Klaus J. Lampe
Plenary Paper
Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
Which Bipartite Graphs are Singular?
Severino V. Gervacio, Ph.D.
Starch Digestability and Glycemic Response to Extruded High Amylose and Rice Noodles
Leonora N. Panlasigui, Ph.D., Lilian U. Thompson, Ph.D., David JA Jenkins., et al.
Some Components of the Absolute of the Flowers of Jasminum Sambac
Luz Oliveros-Belardo, Roger M. Smith, Milagros P. Ocampo
Biological Sciences
The Pathology of Cadmium Poisoning
Annabelle A. Herrera and Corazon Monica D. Baylosis
Environmental Mutagenesis, Soil Studies
C.Y. Lim-Sylianco,V.F. Inofinada,M.V. Botuyan,R. Casareno
Biologically Active Peptides from Conus Quercinus, a Worm-Hunting Species
Fe C. Abogadie, Cecilia A. Ramilo, Gloria P. Corpuz & Lourdes J. Cruz
Social Sciences
Hedonic Model Estimation. Application to Consumer Demand for Rice Grain
C.L Abansi,F.A. Lantican,B.Duff and I.G. Catedral
Agriculture Sciences
Health Sciences
Malaria. Research and Operational Issues
Nelia P. Salazar, Ph.D and Maximino N. Santos, M.D., M.P.H.